Food Intolerance Symptoms in Adults

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Are you looking for what food intolerance symptoms in adults there are? Many people think that adult food intolerance is something that just develops at a tender age and may not recur later in life. However, as it turns out, there is always a possibility of randomly developing a food intolerance as an adult as well. It appears unusual and confusing- and it is more prevalent than we might imagine.

As per one of the research studies done by an American college, food intolerance issues can occur at any age and affects at least 4 percent of grown-ups. Additionally, from the research, it is revealed that as an adult, you can suddenly develop food intolerance with the food you have been eating even in your youthful stage.

Food intolerances for adults are not immunologic hypersensitivities and do not bear the same danger. A clear indication of food intolerance is that it affects the digestive system. Normally, the amount of food consumed is proportionate to the cruelty of the symptoms experienced. Further, the food ingested leads to similar signs and symptoms with the following exposure.

The symptoms linked to adult food intolerance can differ in sharpness and are deemed to impact several parts including skin, digestion, respiration, energy levels, and joints. In some cases, it can even affect psychological wellbeing.

Generally, the most popular food intolerance in adults ranges from eczema, migraines, IBS signs and joint pain, tiredness, anxiety, and asthma.

Food Intolerance Symptoms in Adults:

1. IBS

Have you had stomach problems and include stomach pain? Well, this and other related issues like excess flatulence and abdominal discomfort are what are termed as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms and are always caused by particular foods that bother the digestive system.

2. Bloating

Do you experience bloating after consuming some food? That could be an indication of adult food intolerance. Evading the known trigger foods will help to manage the condition.

3. Migraine

In case you experience migraine symptoms, you’ll understand that the state can be seriously disruptive. But did you know that food intolerance could be the contributing factor to your misery?

As an adult, discovering your food intolerance and its impact on your health is paramount. It is the basis for making the right selection for your diet. Have you experienced any of the above symptoms? Food intolerance could be your problem! Take a step. Say goodbye to food intolerance for adults!

4. Fatigue and Tiredness

Did you know that the food you consume has an immense impact on the levels of energy in your body? The food intolerance reaction could be the principal cause of the fatigue and tiredness that you endure.

5. Acne

Many patients have examined a range of acne remedies to minimize their symptoms, overlooking the major cause of their health. The reality is,food intolerance may be a causative agent.

6. Eczema

There is a range of solutions to eczema. The common ones are UV light therapy and moisturizer. Although these are known to solve the problem to some extent, many people have reported have a permanent remedy by changing their diet. It, therefore, implies that Eczema is another irrefutable symptom of food intolerance for adults.

7. Itchy skin

Itchy and dry skin or skin rash is another food intolerance symptom for adults. If you suffer from any of these after consuming certain food, you could be having some sort of intolerance.

8. Joint Pain (not last and certainly not least)

Food intolerance symptoms in adults are also known to cause joint pain and arthritis issues. If you are having general joint pain as an adult, consider examining your diet. It could be food intolerance

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